Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Views of the Knoxfield Residents and Visitors to the Area

Well the Petition is finished. Early this morning, for the first time for ages, I heard a lone Kookaburra laughing.

One of the main complaints from the residents of Knoxfield is the lack of wildlife and birds in the last few years. Kookaburras and back yellow-tailed cockatoos were the main birds that are missing.

Many teenagers are passionate about the old canopy trees and the wildlife they protect and often they were the driving force in the parents signing. I was often badgered to let them sign as well, which I didn’t of course. In some households the male signed for the rest but in others all lined up to sign.

Some of the addresses are not Knoxfield but pretty well all these people have some connection with the area. They either grew up here or were back in the neighbourhood shopping or were visiting grown up children who now live here. Others were visiting aunts, cousins or friends; some were house sitting. It was very surprising how many people still shop here even though they have moved out of the area.

Comments were mostly about Kathryn Rd. Many will not park on it as it is viewed as very dangerous now. Others thought the treed part was where they wished they could have lived but now, with all the development, they were glad they didn’t. The next preferred address was Foster Cres.

Some who bought into the area a few years ago were lead to believe it was a low-density area but now find that it is rapidly changing. They are not amused to put it politely.

Some have already moved out because too much is going on but still shop here. They were sad this had to be the case. One man who has a house just over the fence from him is now able to sleep because it has new less noisy occupants. Others could not work at home because of noise from neighbours; others couldn’t hear their TV at times because of traffic on Kathryn Rd. Many had had their driveways blocked by cars after parties. Privacy was a big issue.

All were very concerned about over-development and canopy tree loss. Many asked don’t they realize trees bring rain and provide shade?

One person explained about the size of the sewerage pipes (he saw them being installed) and said they will not be able to cope with all this development.

Some didn’t sign although they agreed with the issues. They wanted individual letters to be sent. One “tradie” said he wanted the work so he didn’t care how much development went on but the government should plant trees in the catchment areas so it rains there, then we could have plenty of water here.

Some couldn’t see without their glasses to sign, some couldn’t write and wished they could sign.

Others looking for houses in the area said they did not want to live in someone’s backyard and they wanted more space.

Pretty well each time I was wished luck. It was a very humbling experience. I think that I am learning a lot about the environment but some of the information I was given and things I was shown absolutely amazed me.

What a great community with so much knowledge about this area.

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