Thursday, March 5, 2009

Future Hearings at VCAT - Help

 The future hearings at VCAT are for the following planning applications:

·    15th March at 10.00 am – Nos 61 Kathryn and 72 Anne Roads

·    30th March at 10.00 am – No 40 Kathryn Road

·    20th May at 10.00 am – 30 Kathryn Road

If you have time to attend or present a case at VCAT for any of these applications we would appreciate your assistance.

Maybe you would just like to assist us in collecting evidence, such as traffic counts on Anne and Kathryn Roads, searching evidence for retention of trees in a Vegetation 3 Overlay Protection Zone, researching wildlife numbers, researching parking problems at the Anne Road shops or by contacting David and Valerie Chaney or Ian and Maree Simpson at 28 and 30 Kathryn Road.

Looking forward to your assistance. Together we’ll win this fight. Remember 10 Valetta Close and 50 David Street may well be next at VCAT.

Ian Simpson

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