Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vandalism to No 75 kathryn Road

This evening, I was shocked to learn about $10,000 worth of vandalism to the No 75 Kathryn Road development and I was even more outraged to find the Knox Leader newspaper rang me to ask if I knew anything about it. Apparently someone graffitied fresh concrete and windows of the buildings with slogans about trees.

I explained that we are a loose group of residents concerned with the development in Knoxfield, come from a professional background and certainly do not condone such unwanted vandalism on the district. After expressing my horror at the vandalism, I explained how the footpath outside my house was graffitied after the path was replaced last year.

One only has to look at the graffiti around Knoxfield, the smashed bus rest station at the Knoxfield shops and smashed mailboxes to realize that vandalism is a problem in our district.

I am sending this to you in case someone may mention to you that our opposition to development has caused this problem, so you will be able to respond positively.

Ian Simpson

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