Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Knox City Council’s Landscape Plan for Knoxfield

Over the weekend you would have received notification from the Knox City Council of a Landscape Plan for Knoxfield. (We have been fighting for this planning control to limit over-development in Knoxfield.) The results of this assessment will hopefully set planning limits for Knoxfield and will be set into State Govt Planning Agreements with KCC. It is important that you respond to the survey. The Tree Study is also part of this investigation.

Our emphasis in the past has been on

· At least 9 metre setbacks from the road for all dwellings,
· Retention of trees, especially the indigenous canopy trees which help to make the character of Knoxfield what it is,
· Only single storey developments to fit the main character of Knoxfield,
· Over looking issues imposed by double storey developments,
· Speeding traffic on feeder roads, especially Kathryn and Anne Roads,
· The intrusion on our Human Rights and mental well-being imposed by over-development
· The affect of over-development on Knoxfield’s wildlife, birds, possums, etc
· Strain on Infrastructure.

The Survey is also available at

Please spread the word to your neighbors that this is important. The aim of the study is to develop a Planning Control to be submitted to the Planning Minister to retain Knoxfield’s character and subsequently limit over-development.

Please try to visit the Knoxfield shops on Saturday and tell the council officers what you want and do not want in Knoxfield.

The Save Knoxfield Website has been updated and a link to the Survey is available from it as well

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