Monday, February 8, 2010

McDonald's Campaign

 Today I rang Paul Dickie, Manager of Planning, Knox Council, re McDonald’s Application and was told that to date 106 objections have been received by the council. This does not mean that you can’t still send in objections, as council must receive them until decision day which will be Tuesday 29th April 2010.

Knox Council has set down the 16th March for a Planning Consultation Committee meeting with the objectors, the applicant (McDonalds), councilors and Planning staff. You must mark this date in your diaries as it is essential that all objectors attend to display our opposition to this planned restaurant. Usually everyone that attends has an opportunity to speak. All objectors will receive an official invitation to this meeting from Knox City Council. Hopefully we’ll be able to present our concerns to McDonalds, the councilors and the council officials that make the decision.

Today I delivered petition forms to the take-away restaurants, butchers and newsagency, hoping that we can get many hundreds of signatures in opposition to this planning proposal. The petition only counts as one objection, but it delivers a message to the councilors about the wishes of residents.

If you wish to help further with the petition I have included a copy in this email. It is essential that everyone signs in the appropriate place and that only this form be used. Additional pages attached without the wording will not be accepted.

Thanks for your assistance and let’s win this campaign

Ian 0425756688

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