Monday, May 17, 2010

McDonalds and VCAT

If you lodged an objection to Knox City Council against the McDonald’s Restaurant planning application you should have received notification from URBIS that they are taking the planning application to VCAT. In the letter of notification you should have received a “Statement of Grounds” form. It is important that you complete this form to again lodge your reasons for an objection. To do this follow these steps:


1.       Complete your personal details

2.       List briefly your objections that you submitted to Knox City Council

3.       Make two photocopies of your Statement of Grounds and forward them to: URBIS and the Knox City Council

4.       Write in the space provided the date you forwarded these copies to URBIS and Knox City Council

5.       Mail your Statement of Grounds to VCAT by Friday 28th May 2010


Completion of this form then registers you to make a presentation of your objections to VCAT. The date and time of the hearing will be notified to you in due course. It is essential that as many objectors as possible attend this hearing to show the tribunal we don’t want this restaurant at this site in Knoxfield.


Should you require assistance in completing the Statement of Grounds you may contact me on 0425756688


Ian Simpson

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