Friday, September 2, 2011

Home Alert for Knoxfield



Hi Folks,

I think we may have a fight on our hands again. No 52 Kathryn must be preserved as a site of local significance. This is probably the only remnant bushland set amongst residential houses in Knoxfield, No 52 also has been designated as a "Site of Biological Significance" by the City of Knox and the advert has no notice of this fact, but advertises it as a site suitable for development. You can find the Knox web page devoted to this site at the above web page. No 48 Kathryn Road is also advertised for sale too.


The scenario we presented to VCAT when we attended to fight numbers 40 and 44 Kathryn Road is now presenting itself. That is six acre blocks with 10 to 12 apartments on each. We already have four of those blocks either built on or pending. This is the massacre of Knoxfield we feared.


At all costs we must save No 52 Kathryn Road from the developers. What a wonderful idea it would be if the City of Knox, the State Government  and Knox Environment Society could work out a scheme to preserve this site of remnant bushland.





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