Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Petition

The Petition that is currently circulating in the Knoxfield area is going very well.

However, if you haven't signed it or would like to collect in your area please email Save Knoxfield for details.

Some of the comments that I have had when collecting are:

"Since trees in Philip Rd have been cut down there are less birds."

"I moved here 15 years ago because I liked the area and now I have units all around me; this is not what I wanted."

From people who moved out because of all the development but still shop in the area.

"I just had to move because everything I cared about in the neighbourhood was going."

"Too much clearing of the native vegetation."

Others who had recently bought houses were concerned at the way the neighbourhood was going. Some wondered if they had made the right decision in moving to the area.

One person who didn't live in the area said why would you want to live here. You can't get anywhere without a car.

All wished us luck and said we are doing the right thing.

Why are we doing this? Well for me this video says most of it. We don't have the solutions to fix climate change yet we keep breaking it. There is a better way.

Severn Suzuki

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