Thursday, February 19, 2009

Save Knoxfield - Maintain the fight

I believe we are having an impact on development in Knoxfield, as the rush to develop tied with the economic times has created a downturn in interest. Maybe it's also because we fight every over-development.

We must keep up the fight against double storey townhouses and over-development.

If Planning Applications are posted in your street let us know through our email

Together we can over come this challenge.

Next month we have three applications to be heard in VCAT. These are for No 62, 40 and 44 Kathryn Road.

David Chaney at No 30 Kathryn Road will keep you posted with information also on his notice board.

Keep our councillor Andrew Walter informed on your concerns about over-development, increased traffic and removal of valuable indigenous trees.

Ian Simpson

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