Friday, November 20, 2009

McDonald's Restaurant

McDonalds’ Restaurants have submitted an application to Knox City Council to build a restaurant at the corner of Ferntree Gully and Kathryn Roads, with traffic exiting into Kathryn Road. Knox Council Planning Department are in consultation with McDonalds at this stage. When plans are finalized they will be advertised with a notice on the corner site. It is then that we are able to submit objections about this development. So keep a watch to see when this notice is displayed as we only have 14 days from this time to submit an objection. Ten or more objections must be received by council to have a Planning and Consultation Meeting (PCC Meeting) at the council with the developer.

To date the “Save Knoxfield “ campaigners have been to VCAT on 6 occasions and to date have lost five cases, as can be seen by the destruction of trees and vegetation in Knoxfield. So even if council refuse this permit the likelihood  of VCAT passing it is obvious. What must be done is to get as many concessions out of McDonalds to help retain some of the beauty of Knoxfield. This may seem to giving in but it is realistic from our experiences.

We have had informal discussions with Knox Council and these were the main concerns presented to them. We can only hope they have addressed them with McDonalds to get some changes to their plans.

Ian Simpson


 McDonald’s Knoxfield


Knox City Council must consider the McDonald’s planning application together with the one at 3/5 Kathryn Road, as together they both will have a major impact on safety for Knoxfield residents.




  • Will create more traffic for Kathryn Road – admitted by Paul Vallay from McDonalds
  • Will create traffic chaos at Kathryn and Ferntree Gully Roads intersection. Possibly four crossovers between FTG Rd corner and Knox Place bus stop in Kathryn Rd an extremely dangerous situation.
  • A McDonalds store will have no competition locally, except for local takeaways – anti-competitive. Will result in lack of variety in takeaway services in Knoxfield.

Of the 21 shops, 7 are take-away food shops, that is 30% of the shops will lose trade. Anne Road shops will also be affected with 4 of the 7 shops offering takeaway foods.

  • Environmental issues including smells, litter, noise and lighting. Removal of two indigenous Eucalyptus cephalocarpa trees.
  • Will result in teenagers congregating in groups and moving through the estate noisily at night time – possibly more vandalism.


Concessions Requested from McDonalds:


·   No Exit into Kathryn Road

·   Left turn lane from FTG Road into Kathryn Road

·   Limit hours of operation

·   Plant and sound barriers

·   Diffuser for exhaust system to eradicate smells

·   Some road works to limit speed and density of traffic

·   Signs forbidding access to High Street Road

·   Policy on dealing with unruly and noisy behaviour especially at night.

·   Design to include retention of trees.



Anonymous said...

excuse me i live close to the proposed site of construction and we dont have any problem with it being built. And for traffic it really wont affect kathryn rd because it is not even exiting on onto kathryn rd

MikeC said...

DISGRACEFUL! We will fight this - and we will win. To the anonymous comment left by one person - you say that now! Let's ask you again in 6 months when you have bogans hooning up the street at 2am and the smell of plastic buns and fake meat is pumped into your house 24 hours a day!

fiona said...

I live right next door to the site and I object 110% to it, imagine how I feel, we bought this property with the knowledge that it was zoned residential, and that a childcare centre was to be built on the site. Anonymous living close might be fine for you but please consider the implications it will have on my family!! I'm sure you would feel the same as me if it were you!