Wednesday, December 16, 2009

McDonald's Restaurant

Did you read the Opinion page of the Knox Leader for the 15th December 2009?

A very interesting letter exists which spells danger for the residents of Kathryn Road and the Knoxfield Shops.

Macca Mayhem

Knox residents are being very smart by opposing the proposed 24/7 McDonald’s in Ferntree Gully Road.

I live within the vicinity of the Ferntree Gully 24/7 McDonald’s in Clyde St and am constantly frustrated with the disruption this Macca causes to the neighborhood.

The drive-through constantly blocks access to Clyde St at peak times with vehicles lining up in both directions, forcing other vehicles to have to either wait for up to 10 minutes or make unsafe passes around these vehicles in order to access the rest of Clyde St. How there has never been no accident to date is beyond me.

Another 24/7 Macca in the area will just bring a new set of problems especially in Ferntree Gully Rd with hoon drivers.

T B, Ferntree Gully

Could you imagine the how this scenario could play out in Kathryn Road at the intersection with Ferntree Gully Road?

This application must be turned down by Knox City Planning Department. But unfortunately from past experience with development in Knoxfield, I don’t have much confidence in the Traffic Department to assess this problem and to present a solution.

Maintain your opposition and join the protest on the council steps when council considers this proposal. We will inform you of action to take when the application is advertised. Be prepared for action over the Christmas break, as it could very well be advertised then.

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