Monday, December 20, 2010

McDonald's Restaurant

Congratulations to the eight objectors that ventured to VCAT for  the McDonald’s Restaurant proposal and presented their arguments. A good hearing was conducted by the chair enabling a well-balanced argument against the restaurant to be heard. Objections centred on disruption to the neighbors’ lifestyle, traffic problems created by the proposal, lack of parking space within the restaurant, security in the vicinity, increased traffic, litter and smells for Kathryn Road residents and the undesirable effect on the Knoxfield Shopping Centre.


VicRoads also presented an argument against the traffic flow proposal presented by McDonalds, forcing McDonalds to present two scenarios. Option A had traffic entering and leaving the restaurant in both Ferntree Gully and Kathryn Roads and Option B with entry only from Ferntree Gully Road and an entry and exit in Kathryn Road. Option B was VicRoads desired plan, which creates numerous problems for management of the restaurant with three entry points and only one exit point for all traffic including delivery vans. At the conclusion to the hearing, the chair announced that as VicRoads control Ferntree Gully Road option B is the only option he can consider. McDonalds do not want Option B, so they announced that it looks like we’ll all have to return to VCAT in the future.


With some luck or good fortune we can hope that McDonalds will see the problems their proposal creates and withdraw their plan for a restaurant at the corner of Kathryn and Ferntree Gully Roads.


Congratulations must go to Kerry  for his research into the parking for this and nearby McDonalds’ stores. His close questioning of expert witnesses also added much input to the residents case against. Thanks also to Peter, Rafaele, Nick and Ian for their presentations.


We now await the decision of the VCAT.

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Michael Colling said...

WE JUST BEAT MCDONALD'S!!! The verdict is out today from VCAT - the people won! No Maccas will be built in Knoxfield!!!