Tuesday, February 8, 2011

McDonald's VCAT decision


Some great VCAT news for Knoxfield.


At last we’ve had a win. The McDonald’s review against Knox City Council’s decision not to approve the restaurant on Ferntree Gully Road, Knoxfield was won by the council and residents.


The main reasoning was that it was considered to be an inappropriate activity in a Residential 3 Zone and residents’ concerns with traffic management.


This is a wonderful result for the power of the little people and excellent representation by Knox City Council at VCAT.


So after eight visits to VCAT we have had a win and I must say the most important win as a McDonald’s restaurant would have had a major detrimental impact on Knoxfield.


What a pity some of the other VCAT visits did not have the same result!


D'Ademo Family said...

It's a great decision by VCAT, as residents living right next to the site we are ecstatic to say the least and must commend the council and their legal representative John Rantino on such a great result and of course the chairman Mr. Hewitt.

No2Maccas in the Macedon Ranges said...

Oh how lucky you are to have this fantastic win- it now sets a precedent for our battle in the Macedon Ranges - can you please email me the full decision or reference number- I cant find it on VCAT listings/decisions
many thanks