Thursday, September 4, 2008

Knoxfield indigenous canopy trees are being removed

Soon most of the indigenous canopy trees at number 75 Kathryn Rd will be gone. Most would be 80 to 90 years old.

While this property has a very long story (more on that to come later) I would like to tell you that there is a Cinnamon Wattle (Acacia leprosa) in the front garden. (See video below.)

Under the Vegetation Protection Overlay 3 on this property none of the under-story or any trees that are not covered by the VPO 3 can be counted so they can be off-set somewhere else. This is a tragic loss in the wildlife food corridor to Egan Lee Reserve.

About the Acacia leprosa:

"Federation Flower for Victoria

Acacia leprosa (Cinnamon Wattle - red flowered form)

Scarlet Blaze

Newly Discovered Wattle Becomes Victoria's Federation Floral Emblem

Scarlet Blaze, one of the twentieth century's most surprising and significant horticultural discoveries is Victoria's Centenary of Federation floral emblem.

The blood-red variety of the Cinnamon Wattle (Acacia leprosa) was found growing in a Victorian forest in 1995 by two bush walkers. They took cuttings to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, which manages a specialised plant conservation program, thereby saving many plants from probable extinction."

The Knox City Council are planning to spend money to educate residents to plant more trees and native vegetation. The purpose of my posts will be visually educate the Council just what is happening in special areas like Knoxfield.

Now residents have realised that their area is being destroyed they are fighting to save it. In the 10 years we have had canopy tree protection much of it has been removed. We can't allow this to continue.

Regardless of what the experts say we know there is a big problem. Many of us are trying to keep our plants alive but, with shade vanishing, the area is becoming hotter. There are big changes in the native bird population.

Large habitat trees clean the air, store carbon and generally make you feel better. They are the lungs of the Urban area. They bring much needed rain.

Victoria has one of the worst records for loss of wildlife and plants.

More people are dying from the effects of heat than ever before.

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

Australia's climate is one of the world's driested.

And developers want to concrete much of Knoxfield contributing to climate change.

We say NO.

Enjoy the video.

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