Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Planning Consultative Meeting for No 40 Kathryn Road

 Tonight the Planning Consultative Meeting for No 40 Kathryn Road was conducted at the council offices and attended by The Mayor, Jim Penna, Cr Debbie Field, planning staff, the developer, and approximately 20 objectors. Unfortunately the meeting was controlled so rigidly I think the Mayor was afraid it might get out of hand. Other PCC meetings have been much more relaxed and offered everyone the opportunity to speak and question closely. The Mayor has made it known that he doesn’t want Knoxfield residents interfering in the State Planning Laws.

David Chaney, Peter Shearman, Ian Simpson, Margaret Oaten, Joyce Ward and Jeanette Spencer addressed issues concerning residents. The developer tried to counter our arguments concerning Rescodes, over-development, infrastructure, safety issues, rubbish bin collections, additional traffic on Kathryn Road and car parking implications caused by the development. The developer gave us the impression he wasn’t willing to negotiate any changes, even though he said he’d discuss a reduction in dwellings with the owner. At the close of the meeting Cr Debbie Field addressed the issues of concern that were not covered by the speakers for the residents. She stated the importance of trees and open space for the mental well being of residents and surveys showing 80% of motorists speed along Kathryn Road.

Most Knoxfield residents are not against development, but over-development as this planning application demonstrates. Developments that meet the neighborhood character and retain trees would be welcomed. A maximum of six dwellings on this site would retain high canopy trees and support the unique character of Knoxfield.

Council will consider the development at No 44 Kathryn Road at it’s meeting next Tuesday 23rd September at 7.30pm. This business should be over by 8.30, so come along and show council the residents of Knoxfield don’t want over-development and wish to retain our high canopy trees.

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