Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Win and a Loss

The campaign to save Knoxfield from developers has moved up a notch with a win from Knox City Council. At its meeting last Tuesday council refused a permit for the development of No 44 Kathryn Road. This means that the application will in all probability go to VCAT for a decision.

Have you seen the destruction of No 75 Kathryn Road to development.
Here's a video taken with the previous owner's permission of the front garden.

And here's a photo after the clearing of the block last week.

So much for the "Green and leafy image of Knox" so often mentioned in Knox City Council's policies. How this development was passed we have no idea! There are many questions to be asked about this development as plans were continually unavailable to residents during the application process. This action calls into doubt the application process .

To date some residents have met with Shaun Leane, State Upper House member for this area and a meeting is currently being set up with Kim Wells and Matthew Guy, the Opposition Planning Spokesperson. It seems that questions need to be asked in parliament, to stop this terrible destruction of our environment, just to make some people very wealthy.

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