Sunday, October 19, 2008

The No 72 Anne Road & 61 Kathryn Road Development goes to VCAT

Objectors to the development for application for Nos 72 Anne & 61 Kathryn Road has gone to VCAT. The developer is contesting all grounds of refusal by the Knox City Council. The 123 residents that objected to this development should  have received notification from the developer that he is taking the matter to VCAT. All objectors now have the opportunity to lodge their objections to the development on VCAT Form B “Statement of Grounds”. Assume that VCAT knows nothing about the development and stress your concerns for this overdevelopment opposite the Anne Road shops.

If you are having trouble completing the form, seek help from David and Valerie on 9753 4243 or Ian and Maree on 9763 6226. Please remember that a copy of the form also needs to be forwarded to the developer “Planning Vision” and Knox City Council.

We need your help. Many people have expressed their frustration with the process and feel that they are being worn down by the developers. This is exactly what they want you to feel. We must remain strong and continue the fight.

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