Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Planning Application for No 32 Kathryn Road

Say NO to FOUR double storey townhouses at

No 32

Kathryn Road.

If these are approved will your neighbor’s property be the next targeted by developers?

These townhouses will:

Be out of character with the surrounds,

Generate more heat and use more power,

Not be sustainable in a time of climate change,

Be a danger to passing school children,

Create more parking on Kathryn Road,

Create stress on 1960s infrastructure,

Not be family friendly, no play space for children,

Not have facilities for disabled persons,

Have a direct affect on wildlife of the area.

The struggle to maintain the “leafy character” of Knoxfield is so important. Over the past month VCAT has turned down two applications in Knoxfield to maintain the leafy image. We know that Knox Council will support their policy to keep Knoxfield “leafy green”.

This developer is treating planning laws with contempt, as they provided plans for this new development without any measurements. Is this to make our task of objecting more difficult or is it to hide the fact that FOUR double storey townhouses will not fit onto this block. This planning application is a massive over-development of the site.

Knox Council planning department officers have informed us that there is nothing they can do to get more detailed plans. The developer was contacted and they absolutely refused to provide more detailed plans. Where do we go from here? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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