Thursday, August 7, 2008

Objections to the Development at No 40 Kathryn Road Flood In

To date 65 objections have been handed into the Knox City Council Planning Office objecting to the development of FIVE double storey and SIX single storey dwellings at No 40 Kathryn Road. Among the objections lodged residents of Knoxfield have highlighted the overdevelopment, lack of playing space for children, that the safety of children is paramount, the lack of sustainability in the plans, the severe traffic problems that already exist in Kathryn Road, and the effect on wildlife with the removal of most vegetation on the site.

One resident of 35 years stated that their family had moved to Knoxfield for the “country feel”, but Knox Council is now allowing our small suburb to be carved up without any consideration of long term residents. Council needs to be aware of the destruction these developments will and have already caused and take a stand against these money hungry developers. I am disgusted that the “lore of money” now overrides commonsense. This overdevelopment is not necessary and will spoil what used to be a friendly and caring community.

Another resident wrote … can anybody remember the old Knoxfield of country living and dirt roads and the atmosphere of trees and wildlife. We don’t want concrete jungles as it will be wall to wall units and townhouses…..

And yet another stated …The proposal also calls for the removal of vegetation which is at odds to the Knox Council’s policy of maintaining the leafy image…. And add these11 units to the proposed 10 for No 44 Kathryn Road, plus the 4 proposed for No 32 and the 7 for the corner of Kathryn and Anne Roads and no wonder we are worried.

And there are more…..

……..Our leafy image is disappearing, so are our beautiful birds. Thanks to those GREEDY developers who have made their money and don’t have to live with the monstrosities they are trying to build in our beautiful area – we love this place that’s why we moved here……

Such a development in Kathryn Road is scarey. Traffic in this street is already disrupted by roadside parking(residents and their visitors). Extra traffic will put pedestrians(especially children) at risk with school crossing, bus stop and busy Laura Road intersection(especially at school time)all close to No 40. Emergency vehicle access will be hard. Rubbish collection days will be horrendous – stress on an already overloaded infrastructure. We chose Knoxfield for its country lifestyle, sadly the trees and thus the birdlife are not what they were . WE MUST KEEP WHAT’S LEFT. This type of development is not suited to Knoxfield – we don’t want grownups doll houses. Keep it as it is. We have already lost too much. Developers are not interested in the future of Knoxfield or the NOW residents.

Whilst Kathryn Road is legally wide enough for the traffic it carries, parking on the street or exiting driveways has to be done with care. It is too narrow for its role…..If more than one vehicle is parked out the front you must cross onto the other side of the road to pass taking extreme risk…….

……In recent years, especially morning and evening traffic levels have risen to the level where I believe that at times is congested. I have on several occasions been involved in verbal altercations with other motorists who fail to give way or who it seems are frustrated with the volume of traffic using Kathryn Road as a thoroughfare. Exit to Ferntree Gully Road between 7.15am and 8.30am could see you placed in a line of 7 or 8 vehicles………It is only a matter of time before we have a serious accident.

We don’t need to publish any more as we know these stories well, but how do we make the Knox Council understand?

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