Thursday, August 21, 2008

Support for Cr Debbie Field

Hi Folks,

You may have noticed an article in the Journal this week criticizing Debbie Field for not attending Council meetings. Debbie is quite ill and having weekly treatment, which does not sound good. Even though she’s remained in contact with me and has willingly returned phone messages or emails. This article smells to me like a dirty election campaign. One candidate, Tony Holland – a REAL ESTATE AGENT, said at a meeting I had with him recently that Debbie was useless and never attended meetings.

Below is my response to the Journal. Whatever you do DO NOT VOTE FOR TONY HOLLAND! I’ve had it on good advice that the aim is to get him elected to improve the chances of electing Adam Gill to the position of Mayor. Guess what, they're both real estate agents. What hope will we have with Adam Gill as Mayor.



Dear Editor,

Re: “Often absent councillor insists she’s still in touch” by Winston Tan

I can assure all Friberg Residents that Cr Debbie Field is definitely in touch with issues in Friberg Ward, especially in Knoxfield.

I am incensed by the insinuation in the Knox Journal of August 20, that Cr Debbie Field is absenting herself from Knox Council and relinquishing her duties as a councillor. Cr Field may have been on leave from council since July, but that has not prevented her from providing wonderful support to the Knoxfield residents in the fight against medium/high density housing in our suburb. Cr Field’s advice and direction has only been a telephone call away and at times she has called to see how the campaign is going.

This insinuation that Cr Field is not fulfilling her duty to residents of Friberg, seems very much like a dirty election ploy. A candidate opposing Cr Field made similar accusations to me at a private meeting recently.

The reasons Cr Field has taken leave from council is her private business and should not become an issue in an election campaign.

Decent people respect the privacy of others.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Simpson

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