Thursday, July 24, 2008

Image of Area Under Attack- Knox Journal 22-07-08

Property problems: Knoxfield resident Ian Simpson (front) and neighbours (from left) Geoff and June Proctor, Therese Woodyard and Joyce Ward are angered by overdevelopment in their neighbourhood. Picture: Melissa Banks

RESIDENTS worried about overdevelopment in Kathryn Road have accused developers of wanting to make money at the cost of their lifestyle.

They took their case to Knox Council's planning consultative meeting last week, with 61 Kathryn Road and 44 Kathryn Road among their concerns.

Knoxfield resident Ian Simpson said developers "just wanted to make their quick buck and get out''.

"I don't think they have any idea. If they were people who actually lived in the houses ... they would understand what happens,'' he said.

"People like living here because of the wildlife, the birdlife, the leafy green tree area.''

Mr Simpson said 100-year-old canopy trees and 80-year-old eucalypts were under threat should the development at 61 Kathryn Road go ahead.

"To replace those with five double-storey townhouses and one single-storey unit, is just crazy.

"The traffic problems caused by this development would be terrible.''

Mr Simpson also criticised the development at 44 Kathryn Road.

He said the proposed double-storey townhouses would not fit in with the "image'' of Knoxfield.

Mr Simpson said residents would continue to fight hard.

"As soon as one gets approved there will be no holding back from the other ones. It will just escalate.

"We could be surrounded by double-storey townhouses on our own individual blocks.''

Knox councillor Debbie Field said the residents had put forward a strong case.

"A lot of people may jump up and down and make a lot of noise, but the residents to their credit were very polite about putting forward the facts,'' she said

"They had really done their homework.''

Knox Council was unable to provide details of the developer by deadline.

The future of the developments will be decided at a council meeting in September.



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