Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Destruction of Knoxfield

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The once leafy green and semi-rural suburb of Knoxfield is being devastated by greedy developers grabbing the large blocks, with incentives of high prices for the owners. Knox City Council has approved the building of 40 townhouses in Kathryn Road replacing six and now there are applications for 36 townhouses where there once was only six. That's seventy-six houses replacing only twelve. But Knox City Council tells us that they DO NOT assess these developments total effect on the suburb, but only consider each individual development on its own merits. Meanwhile the unique canopy trees are being destroyed, birds are disappearing and residents even notice the lack of honey bees in the area. Narrow roads now carry increased traffic flows and 1960's infrastructure is struggling to cope with the increased pressure. The planners seem to favour the developers and consider the resident objectors as the enemy. Once Justin Madden's plans are implemented next year, a beautiful semi-rural suburb will become dominated by double storey developments along each street. When does commonsense play a part in development?


TransAmMan said...

"The planners seem to favour developers"

Why are developers even given the time of day by this council if the proposed development site has not even settled (Please Explain ?)

TransAmMan said...

"The planners seem to favour the developers"

Considering that the property at 44Kathryn has not even been settled yet, why has the Knox Council even considered the proposal ?