Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Safety on Kathryn rd




Safety on Kathryn Road



Will this be the future for Kathryn Road while all these developments progress? Knox Council should ensure Traffic Management is in place when one lane is blocked. Council were alerted to this problem but no action was taken.


Craig wrote this last Friday 19th July 2008.




 7:06am this morning


I was on my home turning into kathryn road this morning and headlights from a stationary truck were brightly shining directly at my eye level, mid way up the hill, opposite the tennis courts and facing me in the same lane as throughway traffic. I was not sure if it was a late garbage truck or not, it was early morning and dark. I could not see around it properley to determine the safety of going around it (No signal/flagmen were present at all nor was any signage of warning). As residents, we know how narrow Kathryn road is.Let alone on that crest, in the dark with lights shining in your face as you approach that hill. You could imagine my nervousness as i indicated and proceeded around this vehicle cautiously into the oncoming traffic lane to find it was a cement mixing truck with another 6 vehicles behind it. The other vehicles over the crest had "witches hats" in a line next to them, yet not visible from the bottom of the crest of the hill( still no signal/flagmen nor pre warning signage) . All constuction related vehicles!


If i had to avoid an oncoming vehicle i would have had to make many decisions within a split second: should i run up the gutter and possibly kill somebody, smash into the vehicles kerbside parked, endangered a prpoerty and the occupants or even a collision with an on coming vehicle.


Perhaps i could have reversed and hopfully avoided contact with another vehicle/person, or just sat there and waited for the vehicle with it's lights shining in my face, facing the wrong way on a thoroughfare to depart. Maybe i could have parked my car on Kathryn road also and walked the rest of my journey, or sat at the bus stop and caught a bus to get home safely.


Perhaps it is me at fault for entering what is becoming a twilight zone within Knoxfield.


Even in daylight hours this is a rediculous scenario and i do not wish to experience it ever again.


Now what do we do when the whole of Kathryn road becomes a carpark?


I just want to get home safely from work and also know that my family and neighbours are safe whilst living in this area.


Craig Money

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