Monday, July 7, 2008

Knoxfield residents take on developers

Marnie Reid

KNOXFIELD has become a developers' paradise and angry residents are sick of their leafy streets being turned into a high-density suburb.

David Chaney, of Kathryn Rd, is one of more than 100 Knoxfield residents fighting the construction of massive proposals including:

* five double-storey and six single-storey dwellings at 40 Kathryn Rd;

* two double-storey and eight single-storey dwellings at 44 Kathryn Rd;

* six double-storey and one single-storey dwellings on the corner of Anne and Kathryn roads; and

* four double-storey dwellings at 32 Kathryn Rd.

Council has given the go-ahead to two double-storey and one single-storey dwellings at 75 Kathryn Rd, but has knocked back proposals for three double-storey dwellings and another seven double-storey houses on Kathryn Rd.

Mr Chaney said Knoxfield's larger blocks meant real estate agents were offering residents million-dollar prices for their homes.

And residents were taking the money. City Development director Angelo Kourambas said 10 planning applications had been received for double-storey multi-unit developments in and around Kathryn Rd since January 2006.

Five planning permits were still being processed by council, four of which were in Kathryn Rd.

The Knoxfield group is fighting all four.

The group has sent a 412-signature petition to council objecting to future double-storey townhouses in the area.

Mr Chaney, a retired engineer, said they were protecting their environment and didn't want trees and wildlife to make way for high-density dwellings.

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