Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Knoxfield Residents Have Their Say!

 Tonight approximately 70 Knoxfield residents attended the Planning Consultative Meetings for both Nos 44 and 61 Kathryn Road. After David, Peter and Ian presented  a case against these developments the floor was open to other residents that wished to have their say. All the issues were discussed, including children’s safety, overloading of infrastructure, overdevelopment of both sites, the loss of canopy trees and the effect on our wildlife, biodiversity, the breaking of Rescodes in the developments, how out of character the developments are, heavy traffic on Kathryn and Anne Roads, the dangerous round-a-bout at Kathryn and Anne Roads, lack of parking spaces along our roads and the effect of global warming on the developments.

Overall a most satisfactory night. We wish to thank Cr Mick van der Vreede for attending in Cr Debbie Field’s absence through ill health. Mick supported our arguments with crucial questioning of officials in attendance. Special thanks got to David and Peter for their research and in leading the arguments for the objectors. Special thanks go to all who attended the meeting, both young and elderly, and especially those that spoke and expressed their opinions. The main issues were reinforced again and again. Well done everyone!

That now is stage two of the battle. We now must keep pressure on the council to ensure these developments are not passed at the council meeting on the 23rd of September. It is crucial that all objectors to both developments attend this important meeting, to show the council we are concerned about our wonderful suburb and wish to keep it leafy green and retain the village like atmosphere that we so enjoy.

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